Expert Seminar by Bitcomp

Hi all!

Good news, Bitcomp will host an expert seminar in September.  Seminar are scheduled to launch on Wednesday, September 27 at 12:00. The program will include a lunch, professional speeches, a free conversation and demo session after the seminar.

Mark the date on your calendar already and sign up!

Date: 27.9.2017

Time: 12.00 -19.00

Place:  Technopolis Ruoholahti. Hiilikatu 3, 00180 Helsinki. Parking: Use Salmiparkki parking hall.


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12:00 Registration and lunch

12:45 Jarmo Oittinen. Bitcomp Group

  • Opening
  • Bitcomp Group situation and our strategy

13:00 Ludwig Lehner. Bitcomp GmbH

  • WoodsApp project. How we utilize forest owner smartphone solutions for validating and updating data collected by multi-source forest inventory methods

13:30 Erkki Tomppo, Bitcomp Oy

  • Envi-Navigator project. Using Earth Observation data together with data from Smartphones and Drones for development of new services for Bio-economy sector in cooperation European Space Agency.

14:00 Sanna Härkönen. Bitcomp Oy

  • Results and experiences from Bitcomp pilots in processing and analysing of data collected by drones and from Earth Observation data

14:30 Coffee break

15:00 Jani Heikkilä. Bitcomp Oy

  • How we are using Bitcomp platform and ready services for building client solutions. Success stories from different business areas.

15:30 Sebastian Pawlowski. Bitcomp-Polska

  • Presentation of client solution for Polish agri-sector. How Bitcomp can help agrochemical resellers to reach and activate their clients by using outputs from our spatial analyses and smartphone solutions.

16:00 Krzysztof Raczkiewicz. Bitcomp-Polska

  • How microservices and cloud solutions will change the ICT-business from customers point of view

16:30 Closing speech

Demo Session (16:30–>)

Bitcomp experts are available for further questions next to stands. Opportunity for free conversation. Also non-alcoholic drinks and snacks available.