Change detection service in production

Bitcomp’s change detection service is now running in production! Since the beginning of June, the change detection service has been monitoring weekly new satellite data captured by the European Space Agency ESA’s Sentinel 2 optic sensors, detecting automatically areas that have been subject to cuttings, from thinnings to clear-cuts. The service monitors cuttings in whole Finland during the growing season.

The service is running on the AWS cloud platform and uses machine learning for estimating the remaining basal area after the cuttings. The first customer of the service is the Finnish Forest Centre, which uses the service not only for monitoring that the agreed-upon cuttings have been done according to the respective forest declarations but also for finding illegal cuttings. The changed areas will be made available also as a map layer. This map layer can also be utilized in other applications, such as WoodsApp. The development is not going to stop here, and the next steps include adding new features to the service as well as examining the possibilities to detect for example insect damages utilizing similar logic.


Further information:
Sanna Härkönen
tel +358 40 120 9451

Further information: Eye in the sky: Finland monitors logging by satellite