EnviNavigator development project enters ESA funding programme

In the beginning of the year, Bitcomp’s EnviNavigator project was selected to the funding programme of the European Space Agency, ESA. The programme aims to commercialize the results of research and development activities. The objective of the EnviNavigator project is to develop services with which analyzing the environmental changes revealed by satellite pictures will become notably faster and easier than before. Several Finnish and German partners participate in the co-operation.

“It is truly great to get into the funding programme. The partnership by ESA pushes us in developing our services. We want to offer solutions with which the organizations, researchers and politicians can get as accurate information on the state of the environment as possible, as quickly as possible,” Sanna Härkönen, the R&D Manager of Bitcomp, relates.

The project harnesses AI for solving environmental problems

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), the refined multi-source data will become a significant factor in solving many environmental challenges. Bitcomp utilizes machine learning, considered a subset of AI, to combine and model the data sources. With the assistance of satellite technology, the process can be complemented with high-quality and up-to-date information on, for example, storm damages, effectiveness of climate acts, or the carbon storage of forests. The same tools also help in mundane problems as the changes in the states of the forests can be detected automatically through satellites, notably decreasing the need for field work. For example, by quickly locating the storm damaged areas, the storm-cut trees can be collected faster, thus preventing further financial losses to the forest owner.

Cloud services and processes using artificial intelligence ensure that companies, research facilities and other organizations can quickly integrate to their operations up-to-date information refined from large quantities of data. Services are targeted not only to the forest sector but for the energy industry, the agriculture sector, environmental research and urban planning as well.

Productization utilizes Bitcomp’s application expertise

Bitcomp’s objectives are not limited to only processing data masses and analyzing them to meet customers’ business operations needs. The end product must be easy to adapt and utilize for operations management. For this reason, the development focuses on interactive mobile and web applications that allow examining and complementing the results of the analyses even directly from the field.

The CEO of Bitcomp, Tapani Stjernvall, is delighted by the new developments in the EnviNavigator project. Introduced already in February in the Responsibility campaign of the Finnish business magazine Kauppalehti Optio, the project has been well received.

“Prior to this, processing remote sensing data required a plenty of expert contribution, and the knowledge gained was available only to few. The new service saves significant amounts of time and money. Within the framework of this project, we have the possibility to involve interested parties already in the very beginning of the project,” Stjernvall says.

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Kauppalehti Optio’s “Responsibility” issue (in Finnish) available HERE