On board technological development

Innovations change how work is done, in every field. They create new business, and act as springboards for those who act fast, Innovations are also ruthless. They do not hesitate to derail even large companies who have become dormant in a digitalizing world. Instead of innovative approaches, a company’s attention may be on the fine-tuning of operating methods, instead. A company can be focused on doing things as well and as correctly as possible, but can they be sure to be doing the right things?

There is always a problem behind every innovation – without a problem, there wouldn’t be a need for a solution. Recently, we launched a staff innovation contest at Bitcomp, the goal of which is to find problems and new solution models for these. The problems can be related to anything: an employee’s own everyday life situations, or the daily routines of a work department. Everyone can brainstorm possible solutions for these problems, in addition to quick methods for testing their functionality. The focus is not so much on the competitive aspect, but instead, on an atmosphere encouraging of a constant innovative approach and testing, where everyone can highlight problems and blanks for a product development project.

In our product development, the most important thing is to anticipate technologies that future location information and business operations information systems and mobile services will be built on. The trajectory of emerging technologies must be followed, all the way from the hype stage to the crashing down of excessive expectations. Some technologies get stuck on the bottom, some become clearer over time, and by gaining more experience, slowly mature into usable technology. It is also essential for us to be able to provide our clients with a technological pathway from the current systems to the solutions of the next generation.

In order to make this possible, we are constantly researching and experimenting, learning and applying new things. We will continue on the fascinating path of innovations and testing, so that we can continue to provide our clients with real value and measurable benefits.

We can’t wait to hear what sort of problems you need help with at work. All of our staff and our expertise in the latest technologies and solutions is at your disposal. What’s your most urgent problem today? Don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us more about it!

Lassi Hietala, Development Manager