WoodsApp™ Extended to a Premium Version

In addition to the original WoodsApp Basic version, there is now a Premium version available. Whereas Basic version supports extensively the needs of different operators interested in forest stand data, the features of WoodsAppPremium boost the efficiency of especially bigger timber trade organizations’ operations. In addition to the new features and datasets, the biggest difference between the two versions is that in the Premium version, the information can be not only viewed but also transferred to another system.

The Premium features launched in the beginning of the year enable utilizing the application more tightly as a part of wood buyer’s daily work. Thanks to them the forests to be cut designed based on open forest stand data can be transferred to a ready-made quote template in the operator’s own forest information system already on field. This allows adding information such as the basic information of the stand, forest cover information and felling suggestions with their estimated timber type accruals to the dispatch. The information can also be enriched with field notes, such as marking a planned storage location, that can seamlessly travel to another system along with the quote request. Shortly the possibility to make spatial notes will also be extended to recording GPS tracks, making for example the marking of a forest to be cut even more effortless.

In addition to the new features, the datasets of the Premium version are even more comprehensive. These include the change detection map layer and satellite maps, among others. The change detection map layer and satellite maps enable examination of the forest stand data quality and timeliness without expensive field trips.

The first users have already given positive feedback on WoodsAppPremium. It has been complimented as being easy to use and for serving its users well. Special thanks have been given to the possibility to transfer forest stand information directly to other systems on field.

A full list of WoodsApp Premium datasets and features as well as more information on both version can be found at out WoodsApp page.

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