LeafPoint® in Production

Production Use of the New Forest System for Forest Management Associations Begins

The collaboration between Bitcomp, PiiMega and the Forest Management Association Päijät-Häme has borne fruit as the LeafPoint® forest system aimed at forest management associations has been put to production use on 1st of September 2020. LeafPoint is a resource planning software that covers all the operations of forest management associations as well as the services provided for forest owners. The Päijänne Forest Management Association became the first official user of the service.

The new system delivers several notable enhancements for forest management associations’ operations. Its objective is to enable the associations to optimize administrative work and enhance the customer service experience. The system is designed to cover all the phases of the associations’ operations starting from forest management planning and ending with timber delivery. It also enables transaction management in different stages, allowing the user to manage for example timber payments, contractor accounting and expenses yielded by forest management work. Working and interactive customer management has been one of the focal points of the system development.

The system has already got appraisal for its vast map selection that allows examining several maps from different service providers as layers on a single map used for planning operations. The opportunity to edit forest stand information on a mobile application, which has been helpful for example in updating stand information while designing a stand to be cut on the field, has also gathered positive feedback. Further supporting mobile work is also greatly considered in the future plans of the system’s development.

“Automating different kinds of manual work phases and updating information on the system directly from the field are in a key role in optimizing the associations’ work. The LeafPoint entity has convinced us with its agility and quick development. The system works seamlessly for example with financial administration and Kuutio.fi service,” the executive manager of the Päijänne Forest Management Association Petri Takalo summarizes.

LeafPoint utilizes new technological solutions. Behind the system are ready products and components by Bitcomp and PiiMega that are already vastly used in Finland and other parts of Europe. Therefore, the deployment of the system does not require significant product development investments from the forest management associations. The collaboration with the associations was intense during the development phase, which allowed the characteristics of the sector to be well considered in the usability of the system.

”We wanted to be part of developing the next generation forest solution and offer an actual option for forest management associations for their information systems,” says the LeafPoint Product Manager Elina Koskimäki.

Product Manager Elina Koskimäki, +358 40 681 7232