The Production Use of Foresta Begun

First Customers to Employ the Forest System Foresta

The forest system Bitcomp has been developing for years has now been put to product use under the name Foresta. In the past few years, Bitcomp has invested heavily in the digitalization of the forest sector and in the new generation forest systems utilizing satellite imagery and artificial intelligence. Designed for the management of forest resources and forest works, Foresta is already the second forest system put to production in a short time.

Bitcomp continues as the pioneer of forest sector digitalization in Finland. By making Foresta a part of the rest of Bitcomp’s product family we can better provide our customers solutions fit just for them, as well as develop the systems to be even more efficient and easier to use,” rejoices the Managing Director of Bitcomp, Tapani Stjernvall.

Foresta is a planning software aimed for forest service contractors, professional forest owners, municipalities, cities and learning institutions. With Foresta, user can manage forest properties and plan and create works related to them. The system can be used for example for creating forest plans, plans for stands to be harvested as well as property evaluations. It can also be extended with expansions such as Foresta Field (for planning on field) and Foresta Work Management (for planning and executing forest works). Updating and planning calculation services by Simosol are also available, alongside with interface solutions for sending forest use declarations and interfaces to services such as and ForestPro by PiiMega.

Thanks to Foresta, we can meet our customers’ needs even more efficiently than before and make a system that is already versatile even better. Based on the discussions we have had with our customers, we have already added several development points to the work queue for example to make the field work more fluent and to better monitor carbon storing,” says the Product Manager of Foresta Eero Kananen.

For example, the up-to-date satellite imagery and the felling areas detected from it will be available at the service right from the start on the 1st of October 2020. In the future, more features based on artificial intelligence and satellite data will be added to the Foresta system. The service will also be developed to be even more scalable by utilizing cloud services.

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