New ERP for All Finnish Forest Management Associations

The deployments of the forest system LeafPoint will begin already this year

The general meeting of the Services for Forest Management Associations (MHYP) has confirmed the decision by the board of directors to deploy LeafPoint in all Finnish forest management associations. The decision instantly takes digitalization in the associations to a whole new level. This enables increase in productivity and totally new types of business conducts. The forest system LeafPoint covers extensively the resource planning needs of the associations. The deployments begin already this year.

LeafPoint is a completely Finnish forest system by forest sector system developers Bitcomp Oy and Pinja Solutions Oy (formerly known as PiiMega Oy). The first production users of the system have been the Forest Management Associations of Päijänne, Southern Forest Territory, Länsiturunmaa, and South Karelia. The development of the system begun in 2019 and its production use begun in 2020. LeafPoint represents new kind of product based system development, in which the system is developed on a long time span and with a strongly customer and business centric approach. The most important objectives of LeafPoint are to solve the operative issues the associations have, streamline work (including sales work), and to enhance the customer experience.

Throughout the forest management associations, the urgency of quickly developing automated marketing and communication elements as part of a forest system was recognized. Digital messaging channels are already a common thing and will become even more emphasized in the future,” says the Managing Director of MHYP Jouni Tiainen.

LeafPoint will have a seamless connection to OmaMetsä, an online service for forest owners used by the associations. The service was published last spring and its user amounts have been growing strongly. Currently it has over 15 000 users. The use of OmaMetsä has made time allocation more efficient for the professionals. It has also increased sales volumes and contact requests from customers. The perks will only grow when the digital services are implemented in their entirety. Together with OmaMetsä service, LeafPoint will offer significant competitive advantage for the forest management associations. It will also be a leap to straight the top tier of digitalization.

We are very content that our long term work has been rewarded with a procurement decision that covers all forest management associations. The decision is very significant for Bitcomp and Pinja. We have strongly believed since the beginning that as the forerunners of digitalization we can offer the best product entity on the market. LeafPoint is based on the core capabilities of both companies and its development as the top solution of the field is in the heart of our strategy,” describes Jani Heikkilä, the Sales Director of Bitcomp.

LeafPoint is a modern forest system, in which integration and automation are vastly utilized. This has lead to an over 10 % time savings in hands-on work. The time savings are due to that the user does not need to enter as much data manually or do as many calculations manually as they used to. User can also access, among others, tools for automated service sales through the system, which directly decreases the pressure to allocate resources to searching worksites and doing field visits. When the same system is deployed in all of the associations, developing shared business and clear operating models is possible for a long time to come.

LeafPoint is a perfect fit for a tool for forest management associations. It covers all the needs imposed by versatile operations. With a client who is willing to try new things, we can make our forest system even more versatile and offer them tools of tomorrow today,” relates Veli-Pekka Hämäläinen from Pinja.

The features of LeafPoint include:

  • Centralized customer register
  • Forest information management
  • Forest work planning and projects
  • Sales funnel management
  • Automated service sales tools
  • Tools for the acquisition, felling, and delivery of lumber and wood for energy production
  • Reporting on an organization level
  • Digital notification of forest use and Kemera search
  • Management of transactions and billing
  • 100 % integration to OmaMetsä

More information:

Bitcomp Oy operates in Finland and Europe and focuses on intelligent forest systems. The company also produces analyses and data publishing and hosting services that utilize satellite data.

Pinja Solutions Oy is part of Pinja Group. Pinja is Finland’s leading provider of forest, sawmill, and wood processing systems. The ERP developed by Pinja is widely used by wood procurement operators in Finland and abroad.

Services for Forest Management Associations MHYP Oy is a service and development company owned by forest management associations and MTK Ry (The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners). Among other things, MHYP coordinates software projects and other cooperation between the forest management associations.

Contact information:
Bitcomp Oy, Jani Heikkilä, +358 40 6828821,
Pinja, Veli-Pekka Hämäläinen, +358 40 158 2100,
MHYP, Juha Laitinen, +358 40 029 8601,