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Mobility, financial monitoring and business logic encapsulated in one service

BitApps is enterprise resource planning system. With BitApps, you can effectively manage your resources and keep your property data easily available and visible in one system. You are able to utilize digital maps, modern remote sensing and laser scanning data. Data can be updated in connection with operative work. With the web service, you can easily share information with employees, contractors, service providers, experts and authorities. You can also order the work directly through the system from your contracting partners. You can also receive real-time information about the progress of the work and effectively manage and monitor your outsourced resources. This allows you to react fast to changes in your operating environment.

Smooth purpose-built IT systems support your business. BitApps helps you optimize and plan operative resources, facilitates reporting and decrease paperwork and documentation. Furthermore, there is no need for substantial IT development, support or maintenance work. You are able to focus on your core business. The billing of finished projects can be handled smoothly through the same system. The system will take care of the entire process chain, with no manual stages.

BitApps includes:

  • Comprehensive management system

    Property management
    Financial management
    Logistics and storage management
    Work orders
    Real-time information about the progress of the work

  • High-quality data

    Digital maps
    Modern remote sensing data
    Laser scanning data
    Theme maps

  • Maximized data security

    Minimized employee related risks because all data is in the same system.

Modern web service

You can use BitApps with a browser without installation and you don’t need to separately acquire maps and other data.

BitApps can be integrated into your IT environment. The solution also supports several different certification methods.

BitApps is already used by, for example: Tornator, Tapio ForestKIT and Stora Enso Oyj.

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