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GIS-solutions for forestry and agricultural sectors

We have been making challenging geographic information systems in Finland for more than 20 years. Bitcomp was founded in 1990 and the majority of our work originally focused on designing calculation programmes for agricultural support systems, as well as engineering software for plant production. In 2004, Bitcomp Oy started to focus on the forestry sector, while still being active in the agricultural sector. At the same time, the importance of geographic information also increased significantly, and the company made its first mobile applications for geographic information.


High-quality digital maps are our priority

Today more than thirty specialists are working in our offices in Finland. Rich map data and integrating GIS services into information systems are the core elements in our solutions. We want to bring remote sensing and spatial planning easily available to everyone, and we are working closely together with several authorities, institutes, and companies.


Consulting services to our clients

Here in Bitcomp, we have a lot of knowledge about these EU-regulations and designing of ICT-solutions for controlling them. Together with our knowledge of GIS and mobile solutions, we can offer top level consultancy for the projects, where these services are designed and developed.

Bitcomp has also a lot of expertise in developing solutions to public sector, especially for the agencies under Ministry of Agriculture. We have developed and maintained critical services which are part of EU member states Integrated Administration and Control Systems ( IACS ). In every EU member state national authorities are required to operate IACS system in order to ensure that the payments are made correctly, irregularities are prevented and revealed by controls.

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Tapani Stjernvall
Managing Director
Tel. +358 407 656 508
email tapani.stjernvall(at)

Jani Heikkilä
Sales Director
Tel. +358 40 682 8821
email jani.heikkila(at)

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