Spatial data analysis

Spatial Analytics – the heart of our services

Bitcomp offers advanced spatial analysis as a service utilizing different remote sensing data (LiDAR, aerial images, satellite images, UAV images) in combination with other spatial ‘big data’ sources.

Our analysis services include, for example, climate-change related risk mapping, forest value calculation, change detection on satellite images and environmental analysis based on remote sensing data.

We can make changes visible and approachable, even via mobile. That allows you to react fast to changes in your operating environment and accurate data enables smarter decision making.

Our analysis helps you to define, visualize and quantify your property, and they are customizable to your needs and price point.

With Bitcomp online analysis tools you can run calculation models, launch spatial queries and visualize the results as thematic maps and graphs. It is that simple! Just define your area of interest and select the analysis.

Canopy height model based on RGB-derived 3D point cloud.

Automatic detection of storm areas based on UAV images.

Smarter decision making!

Pre-processed maps layers


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Online analysis tools

Available in our web and mobile applications

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Real-time GIS data services

  • Open data sources

    From the Finnish Environment Institute
    From the National Board of Antiquities
    From the Natural Resources Institute Finland
    Other data sources, e.g. INSPIRE

  • Remote sensing data

    UAV data: Bitcomp has wide network of drone operators that continuously collect new data.
    Satellite data
    Aerial images
    LiDAR data

  • Customer's own data sources

Automatic tree detection based on canopy height model. Based on Fine-resolution UAV data.

Find out below, how we can utilize different remote sensing data.

Preprocessed GIS data

  • Change detection

    Storm damages
    Insect damages
    Illegal logging

  • Target recognition and environmental monitoring

    Environmental risks
    Water analysis

  • Future predictions

    Climate change
    Risk predictions
    Growth predictions

Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) based on spectral UAV images

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