Forest Calculation Services

Your forest is valuable

With the Forest Calculation Services, you or your client can analyse the value of wood, distribution of wood species, and the total sum of volume and age structure of the trees. The services will give you forest management proposals and a timber production forecast with a cost and income estimate based on relevant information. The service is based on open data sources, multi-source inventory and our analysis.

The process is simple and completely automated. The user can draw an area of interest on the map, select a forest compartment on the map or give an estate ID. The value of the forest is calculated for the selected area using the latest wood prices.

The analysis includes:

  • The total area

  • total sum of volume (separately for each tree compartment)

  • total sum of volume (all compartments together)

  • total volume of different tree species

  • total volume of saw log

  • total volume of pulp wood

  • and the total volume of all species together

Forest Calculation Services is module which are easily attach to existing information systems.

The Forest Calculation Services is a module that can easily be attached to existing information systems.