GEO Data Software


Your needs and our solutions together

GEO is our web-based map solution and it contains everything from a spatial information database to online services and a user-friendly interface. We have developed the GEO software as a versatile tool for professionals, ensuring that it is also easy to use. GEO contains the following parts:

  • GEO Data Services

    Delivery and frequent updates of public GIS data

  • GEO Map Component

    Map client to all internet-based IT systems

  • GEO Reference Implementation

    Demonstrates how to implement the GEO backend for your system.

With the GEO, you have a wide range of features for visualizing and editing map data. The GEO supports both desktop and mobile use. Also, you won’t need to have your own GIS server. Map layers are provided from the Bitcomp cloud service with high availability, frequent updates and standard interfaces. The GEO software supports showing raster data and vector data from any internal or external WFS service. The GEO provides developed interfaces for importing data or integrating the system with the client’s other information systems. We can build up solutions according to your specifications.

GEO is Bitcomp web-based map solution
GEO contains all the way from spatial information database to online services and a user-friendly interface.
  • One application

    Analyze various maps and open source spatial data in one application

  • Latest data available

    You don’t have to worry about updating data from various data providers. You have the latest data available automatically.

  • Publication

    Includes publication and maintenance for your own data.

  • Add, edit, remove

    You can add and remove layers in the layer panel and make new map layers visible. You can also store and edit spatial data and map objects, using the versatile tools available in this system.

  • Technical support

    Our maintenance takes care of technical support and technical application updates such as browser compatibility.