Mobile Resources Management


Mobile Resources Management

Management of mobility, inclusive map data, GIS-features and interactivity are the key qualities of our resource and work management solutions. Our solutions are the efficient tools you need to manage mobile resources such as workers and machinery, but also land property, biodiversity, industry, or all of them together. Do you need a unique system, just right for you? Don’t worry! Our resource management solutions are industry-independent and customizable.

Our solutions offer GPS-tracking, customizable map layers, camera and mobile data collection tools. The GIS features enable the field worker to locate working areas, environmental objects, roads and storages. Internal and external communication and information sharing between the actors is effortless and you can share business data real-time with employees and partners as well as publish data to third parties.

With mobile devices, no additional tools like paper maps or forms are needed. You don’t even need a pen! The solution helps you optimize and plan operative resources, and monitor productivity. With real-time and automatic workflows, you get relevant measures fast and easy.

Mobile Resources Management made easyMobile Resources Management made easy

Find out how we can make your job easier!

All-inclusive, web-based solution

You can use it with a browser without installation and you don’t need to separately acquire maps and other data.

Comprehensive management system

property, logistics, storage and financial management, work orders and real-time information about the progress of the work.

Decrease paperwork and documentation

Facilitates reporting and prevents duplication of work.

Mobile solution

Your data is easily available and visible in one system anytime, anywhere.

Maximized data security

Minimized employee related risks because all data is in the same system.

High-quality data

Utilize high-quality digital maps, modern remote sensing and laser scanning data, always up-to-date.

You can have a better look at the features of our modern forest property management and enterprise resource planning system in the video above.

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