Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions for data collection

If you want to collect data, make observations, navigate to a point of interest, improve the public participation of your area or you need an interactive marketplace or a network with GIS features, Bitcomp mobile solutions is the right thing for you! By Bitcomp Mobile & GIS solutions, we can create collaborative solutions for different kind of workflows around spatial data.

Like all our systems, our mobile solutions are industry-independent and customizable. Whether you are into forestry, agriculture, environment, urban maintenance or any industry, we provide the mobile solution for you. You name it!

Our state-of-the-art mobile solutions are based on the technology platform developed by us, which enables us to make new client-based implementations quickly and with reasonable costs. The mobile solution can be independent, or a part of a larger system. Our solutions are responsive and can be scaled for various screen sizes, so you can use the mobile applications on tablets and on various mobile phones (Android, iOS and Windows). The devices may well be rugged professional devices meant for professional use, or normal consumer mobile phones.

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Bitcomp creates collaborative solutions for workflows around spatial data.

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  • Add observations and notes with easy-to-use tools.

  • Notes will be saved in a database in real time.

  • Take pictures of your observations or work targets.

  • Navigate in your working area, estate, environmental object, road, storage or planning area.

  • High-quality digital maps and useful data sets.

  • Browse through information of observations, stand information, notes or important targets

  • Mark working hours or the progression of the work.

  • Read and receive messages and share information through the solution with other members like owners, operators and citizen.