GIS can be easy

Bitcomp GIS software is amazing! It provides perfect tools for managing, sharing and collecting spatial data efficiently and securely.  Gentle and light architecture enables easy adaptability.

With the help of our software solutions, you can create graphically clear and presentable data based on attribute information. You can visualize your business activities on a map, and enrich it with versatile open data information sources.

User interface of our GIS solutions is dynamic and user-friendly. We have developed our software as a versatile tool for professionals, ensuring that it is also easy to use. You have access to GIS data sources via one data interface. Thanks to flexibility of our GIS platform, it is the perfect solution for both bigger and smaller projects. Or you can start with simple version and extend its capabilities later. Our software solutions are based on our own technology platform which enables us to make new client-based implementations quickly and with reasonable costs.

With the help of our spatial services you can build your own geographic information solution or attach it to your existing information systems. Our platform is customizable and it can be easily integrated to your current information system.


Bitcomp GIS solutions offers

Web-based solution

You can use it with a browser without installation .


Works effortlessly on both mobile device and desktop.

Create custom maps

Make simple, focused, and responsive theme maps using online analysis tools

Publishing services

Analysis and publishing services in the same system.

Collect and store spatial data

Save and attach text description, photos, documents, videos or voice with spatial information.

Map and analysis tools

Add, remove and edit map objects, measure distance, area size, and plan logistic routes using the versatile tools available in the software.

flexible and extensible

start with simple version and extend its capabilities later.

Administration tools

Interactivity is one of the key qualities of our software. create and manage different user groups and share spatial data with them.

Have you met GEO?

GEO is our web-based map solution and it contains everything from a spatial information database to online services and a user-friendly interface.


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