Spatial Data Services


Best maps for your organization

We offer a comprehensive GIS data service from delivery and organization to editing and maintenance of GIS data. We will maintain your data for you, and even find new, beneficial datasets by spatially analyzing your datasets. With the help of our spatial data services, you get the most useful GIS datasets for your business.

Our service includes the use of open data, the purchase of commercial data and maintenance for customer’s own data. You won’t need to have your own GIS server. Map layers are provided from the Bitcomp cloud service with high availability, frequent updates and standard interfaces. And you have easy access to set of ready-to-use GIS data via one data interface.

You do not need to worry about updates; instead, you will know that you are always using up-to-date data in your information systems.

Maps and data layers – all in one place


    Basemaps, soil maps, background map, topographical maps.

    High-resolution imagery

    UAV images, satellite images and other remote sensing data.

    3D models

    3D digital surface models based on 3D-point cloud.

    Demographics maps

    Vegetation analysis, canopy height model, automatic tree detection, species classification, volume measurements and much more.

    GIS data

    Estate borders, roads, water areas, open data from the environment institutes, forest management units.

    Own maps and spatial data sources

    land use plans, natural habitat, threatened species, addresses, guide maps, schools, shops, working places.

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