Spatial services

Spatial services

What if you could have real-time GIS data services, which include spatial information databases and software solutions as a cloud service? And you could manage your data through one solution on any device?

Bitcomp spatial service offers this to you. With the help of our spatial services you can build your own geographic information solution or easily attach it to your existing information systems. You can visualize your business activities on a map, and enrich it with versatile open data information sources. With the help of our software, you can create graphically clear and presentable data based on attribute information.

We will maintain your data for you, and even find new, beneficial datasets by spatially analyzing your datasets. You have easy access to open GIS data sources via one data interface. You do not need to worry about updates; instead, you will know that you are always using up-to-date data in your information systems.

Enables fast decision making!

  • Analysis and publishing services in the same system

  • Scalable and effective map layers

  • OGC standards

  • Automated update process

  • UAV images, satellite images and other remote sensing data

  • Add, remove and edit map objects, measure distance, area size, and plan logistic routes using the versatile tools available in the software

Our spatial services can be easily used also with mobile device at field.

Our solutions can be easily used also with mobile device at field

You can visualise your business activities on a map