OmaMetsä sovellus metsänomistajille

Forest Owners’ Service by Forest Management Associations Up

Last June, Bitcomp was chosen to be the provider of an online service that Finnish forest management associations would offer to their members. With the new OmaMetsä online service, a forest owner can manage their forest property and communicate with their forest management association online. The service is deployed in stages so that all forest management associations’ core services will be available during 2021.

Effortless communication with forest management association and forest professionals and the managing your own forest property in real time are in a key role in the OmaMetsä service. OmaMetsä enables services such as ordering management for recently planted forest and initiating timber trade.

“Messages can be sent with a low threshold, and messaging will be made even easier with a mobile application that will be available around the end of the year. The service can be compared to for example insurance companies’ online channels for handling matters,” Juha Laitinen, the project manager of the OmaMetsä project and the development manager of the forest management associatons’ service office MHYP Oy, relates.

In the web application, forest owner can mark down their own locations in a map interface. They can also send their personal forest expert a message with an image for example about windfallen trees.

OmaMetsä will be deployed in all Finnish forest management associations during the spring. A forest owner can employ the service immediately to access their own forest data through it. Initially, the service contains forest resource information from the Metsää service. This information will be complemented with information from the personal forest plan by the forest management association as the development continues.

“It has been great to develop a modern service for forest owners with which the forest management associations can make their expert services available for everyone. The communication between forest owners and experts will become significantly easier with the new service. Remote forest owners too can find the right experts for each need effortlessly through the service,” Product Manager Eero Kananen from Bitcomp Oy rejoices.

Features relating to sales, contract management, and communication will be comprehensively deployed during 2021. Later on the service will also address issues concerning billing, taxation, contracts, and carbon balance, to mention a few. All features will be available for the members of forest management associations. Next year a mobile application, online archive for documents, digital signatures as well as authorizations will become available.