Timber Trade and Worksite Planning Tools to Be Included in Foresta

The upcoming add-on update automates the phases of timber trade and forest management work

A new add-on will be included in the forest system Foresta by Bitcomp by the end of the year. The new add-on will make planning worksites and timber sales exceptionally easy and effortless. Up until now, a similar feature has not been available in Finland in this scale. The new features are part of a larger Foresta 2.0 renewal that modernizes the system’s functionalities and user interface to better meet user needs.

The development work for the new add-on kicked off from the wishes of users to make Foresta a better fit for companies and organizations that are involved in timber trade and manage large forest areas. A selling organization will be able to better monitor quotes, orders and contracts with just one system. A forest-owning organization will be able to manage its timber trade and forest management projects with the new add-on. The new Foresta user interface will be in the absolute top tier of the market, indicating the direction the development work has been taking.

“The BitApps implementation that Foresta is based on begun already in 2008. Long history has brought it versatility and reliability, but it is obvious that in such a time the technology inevitably becomes outdated,” relates Eero Kananen, the Product Manager of Foresta.

“This fact and the wishes from our clients have been the initiators of the new development. New technologies also ensure that the system will have better information security, usability and reliability, not forgetting the modern look of the user interface,” he continues.

The old system will remain in use by the new one, so the new add-on can be employed without any interruptions. If the user does not need any of the features of the new add-on, the use of the old system can continue without any changes. Using the new part side by side with the old one also enables the users to get acquainted with the new features at their own pace.

Customers can start using the Foresta 2.0 features during the autumn of 2021. Before that we are hoping to get a diverse bunch of Foresta users to be pilot testers during the summer. Samuel Heinonen from Metsänterä has already been heavily involved in testing. Metsänterä offers high-quality forestry estimation, planning, and property management services in a modern way. We asked Samuel for thoughts on the new Foresta add-on.

Samuel, what has been the best change that has come with the new add-on?

“Creating timber trade and forest management projects with the map view search tool. This one gets full ten out of ten! The Kemera (Financing of Sustainable Forestry) application can be done directly from the user interface and it can be sent with a single click.”

To what kind of users would you recommend the add-on?

“The implementation is really good for selling organizations, and why not also for big owning organizations through creating projects. But the sales and worksite management is the thing with this add-on. I’d say that those who need that really need it.”

The Product Manager Eero Kananen also mentions creating worksites directly through map search features and applying for the Kemera sustainable forestry financing as the handiest new features.

“You do not have to go through the whole forest stand mass from a list. Instead, you can form a worksite directly from the map with just a few clicks. And whereas the Kemera application used to require logging in to another system, you will now be able to do it with a single click. I can honestly say that I like these features.”

The strengths of the new add-on are:

  • Kemera (Financing of Sustainable Forestry) application and execution announcements using only one system
  • Ability to create timber trade and forest management projects as well as worksites with a search tool in the map view
  • Sales and worksite projects management
  • More extensive customer register features
  • Orders module
  • Timber trade phases and monitoring

In addition to new features, the look of the new user interface will be much lighter. This alone makes the use of the system easier. The front page will include a round up of important information such as ongoing orders and projects and at which stage they are currently at. The map will also be updated to the latest GEO component that is significantly faster and lighter to use.

In the first phase, Foresta 2.0 will include the sales and timber trade features as well as the online Kemera application. Prints, reports, forest owner application, and carbon capturing will be implemented during the remainder of the year. The next features on the development road map are work management, stand information management, and enhancements to estate estimations. The Foresta Maasto application designed for field work will be compatible with the new user interface.

Would you like to participate in the pilot use of Foresta 2.0? Get in touch with

Eero Kananen, Product Manager


+358 40 5862850